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Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Pediatric Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is a complicated disease. To treat sleep apnea properly, it requires a team of doctors – most often an ENT, a Pulmonologist, and an Orthodontist working together.

Correcting orthodontic problems such as crowding, narrow jaws, or small jaws is an important part of sleep apnea treatment. Small jaws can be managed with appliances, and narrow jaws with expanders. Most jaw size problems are ideally treated while a child is growing, and are best managed by an orthodontic specialist.

Snoring is not normal in children. Not even “normal-ish.” If your child snores or has ADHD, they should be evaluated for sleep apnea.

sleep disordered breathing

Adult Sleep Apnea Treatment

Adults with sleep apnea also require multi-disciplinary care. Meaning it’s vitally important for your dentist to work with a team of physicians.

Oral appliance therapy is the most common dental treatment for adults with sleep apnea, because it moves the lower jaw forward opening more space in the throat for normal breathing.

Jaw surgery is a highly effective alternative for select patients. Surgically advancing the upper and lower jaws can permanently create more airway space, which may reducing or eliminate the need for oral appliance therapy or CPAP.

If you find it hard to stay awake in the car, or if you’ve been told you gasp for air in your sleep, you must be seen for a sleep assessment.

About Sleep Apnea

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