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ADSM Study Club

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About the ADSM Study Club

Alberta Dental Sleep Medicine Study Club was founded in 2015, to create a learning and networking environment for like-minded dental health professionals who have an interest in Dental Sleep Medicine. It is designed around a collaborative model in which dental professionals could learn from each other and also other healthcare professionals. Over the years it has truly turned into a multi-disciplinary Sleep Study Club, where many different healthcare professionals, such a Sleep Physicians, Psychiatrists, Pediatric Sleep Specialists, Myofunctional therapists and many more disciplines, have shared their knowledge and expertise around the topic of Sleep.Our goal is to continually educate ourselves and expand our knowledge, so we can help the many patients that are suffering from Sleep Disordered Breathing and to help our community by raising awareness around this very important health risk.

Our 2020 program: a case-based learning experience.

Each session consists of three parts:

  • Part 1: Case Study Presentation: The members will be presented with a pre-selected clinical case with very defined learning objectives, that will expand everyone’s skills and knowledge. Attendees will then discuss the case amongst themselves, and evaluate different treatment plans and approaches. The Study Club Mentors will make sure the dialogues and discussions remain focused.
  • Part 2: Clinical Case Presentation by members: At each session, one member will present one of the cases that they are currently treating at their clinic and might be facing some challenges or questions. The case will then be discussed amongst the attendees.
  • Part 3: New Developments & Research – This is a 15-30 minute section that will allow members to discuss the newest developments and research findings in the field. Each Study club can also invite local guest speakers for this section
    Each Study Club session starts at 6:00 pm and finishes at 9:00 pm.
    Dinner and Refreshments are provided at each session, starting at 5:30 pm, which allows plenty of time for networking, socializing and camaraderie.

Register Now!

* Registration is on an annual basis and covers all 4 sessions.
Registration Fee: $750 CAD per year

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