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Meet Dr. Major

Orthodontist, Sleep Scientist, Father

About Dr. Major

If you have ever met Dr Major, you will know he is a giant kid at heart. His loud and infectious laugh can often be heard throughout the office. But who is this man behind the boisterous laugh?

Dr Major attended dental school on the east coast at Boston University. While becoming a dentist, he took in baseball games, spent time with the penguins at the aquarium and learned how to properly pronounce words like ‘chowda’ and ‘tarta sauce’.

He then became an Orthodontist at the University of Alberta where he now instructs in the Orthodontic Graduate Program.

Dr Major has 4 amazing children. When choosing a home for them, he wanted a house ‘with big trees, so the kids could climb and just be kids’. He loves hiking with them, snowboarding,camping, and wrestling and the occasional “A skewer is not a sword! We do not fence with them!” discussion.

As an Orthodontist, he is focused on giving patients of all ages the smile they desire – his favourite part of treatment is the end when we remove the attachments from the teeth and the patient sees their new smile for the first time. It’s so rewarding when their eyes light up and you get their first genuine smile since the start of treatment.

Over the years, Dr Major has also taken interest in the study of sleep apnea and sleep related challenges with children. Pediatric sleep studies and subsequent treatment has become a huge passion for him. As a parent of children with sleep challenges, he understands the incredibly important necessity for children – and parents- to get the proper sleep their bodies need to develop in a healthy fashion.

Working with Dr Major is so FUN! There is no better way to put it! How many people can honestly say they love coming to work because they laugh so hard here! His patients genuinely love him because they know he genuinely cares. As a father and a doctor, he wants the absolute best for those that are entrusted in his care.